A conference about ‘Meaning’

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 01.39.06I’m off to Meaning Conference in Brighton tomorrow. Curious to meet with people who are creating meaningful workplaces, breaking boundaries of traditional organisational design, ways of thinking about work and leadership. Particularly looking forward to ‘Our Money Stories’ with Charles Davies, exploring our relationship with money. Often when setting our goals and visions in life we start with how much we ideally want to earn and work towards that. Having done that myself earlier in my working life, I am increasingly of the opinion that the better question to ask is ‘how much is enough’? This isn’t about settling for less, it’s about getting clear on how much you really need to be happy. Would we rather be working to pay for our lifestyles, or would we prefer to be living through our work- doing our life’s work? It’s not about having to give up all our hard earned rewards, nor is it about living on the breadline. At Do What Matters, I believe it’s about finding out what meaningful work is for you and knowing what’s going to be ‘enough’ to support you in doing that work. Whilst knowing what’s enough is one thing, acting on that knowledge is another, when our own patterns of behaviour as well as our environment are constantly driving to pursue ‘more’. So I am also keen to see Michelle and Joel Levey, who are pioneers of mindfulness in the workplace. They trained with the world’s leading mindfulness teachers, including the Dalai Lama and have played a pivotal role in bringing eastern spiritual practices into western organisations such as Google.  Having met and trained with Joel and Michelle, I have found their mindfulness practices easy to build into your life – to avoid being distracted, stay on purpose and make more meaningful choices day to day.

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