How do Sustainability & Meaning at Work Connect? 15th September, London


Join me and Dr Marjolein Lips Wiersma (right in the picture) Professor of Ethics and Sustainability Leadership at AUT in New Zealand and co-author of The Map of Meaning in a conversation exploring Sustainability & Meaning at Work. 10am-12noon on Friday 15th September in Central London.

As UK Lead for Map of meaning International, I am delighted to be co-hosting this rare opportunity of Marjolein being in the UK to explore the topic of how we can better engage people in sustainability. Marjolein has experience in introducing sustainability into management courses and working with people as they engage with the issues for themselves and in their organisations. This has given her a deep understanding of the reality of engagement and change.  As developer of the Map of Meaning, a simple framework which captures intrinsic motivation, she brings new knowledge into the discussion: how understanding the experience of meaningful work can support engagement and practical action. Find out more about the Map of Meaning
I have been using this foundational framework for the last 8 years in my coaching practice  and in global leadership development programs and organisational interventions with It has proven to be a universal tool that connects people to the essence of what motivates them in life as well as to how they can meaningfully be of service to people and planet. As a result I have found that working with the map enables us to connect individuals or groups to sustainability issues whilst starting from their agenda, their motivations- essentially from what matters to them.
The conversation will be hosted at the wonderfully appropriate Skip Garden, 10 minutes walk from St Pancras Station in London, generously made available by  ane Riddeford Founding Director of the charity To help towards the charity covering the cost of the room rental we are asking for a £10 contribution to the venue cost to be put in a jar on the day please. For those of us who want to continue the conversation afterwards we can have lunch in the Skip Garden Kitchen Cafe.  Directions are attached.
So that we can keep track of how many people are attending please let me know if you would like to attend

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