Spring- NOW is the time for change!

Forget New Years’ Resolutions… Here’s 6 Steps towards your Spring Creations.

IMG_4601Do you feel your energy levels, enthusiasm and positivity rise as the days get lighter and the nature around starts to wake up from the winter? You might even feel a physical release and opening as the days warm up, a sudden urge to get out more and start exercising. Spring is the time for coming out of hibernation, for creativity, for new beginnings. For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, that is what nature is doing out there right now, and lets not forget that we humans ARE nature too! Two years ago I started boycotting New Years Resolutions and now put my energy into Spring Creations instead and it feels a lot more easeful, joyful and creative.

Why do most New Year resolutions fail?

Our calendar new year on 1st January is in the midst of winter. They are called resolutions because we need so much resolve to muster-up the energy to sustain change against all odds. Whilst the rest of nature is slowing down, turning inwards or just being, we humans think we can over-ride the wisdom of all that. We mean well, we have good intentions, and some of us may succeed but we’re not being smart, and we’re not setting ourselves up for success. In comparison, in Spring everything feels so much easier! For example, last week I finally found the motivation to start training in the swimming pool to build my stamina for (summer) sea swimming in Brighton. (Yes, in the British channel!) I put aside my general dislike for public swimming pools and the fact that I can’t do more than two lengths of crawl in a row, and discovered that I CAN do it, I’m actually enjoying it AND it’s having an unexpected positive effect on my mood! What remained a good intention all winter, just sprung into being in Spring. What will your Spring Creations be?

6 Steps to Discover your Spring Creations:

Step 1 Be in it!- Go outside look for signs of spring in nature (buds, shooting crocus, daffodils, bird-song, or just the warmer air) and take a moment to just be part of it all. If you can’t go outside, sit by a window to do this exercise.


Step 2 Listen & feel for it! – Pay attention to your body, feel for and notice any feelings of rising energy and new enthusiasm. Is it located anywhere specific? What does it feel like? Is it like a soft flicker or a great surge? Be curious. What’s the new that is sprouting up from within? What do you notice you have enthusiasm for? What ideas are waiting to be born?

Step 3 Contain it! (This one is challenging for many of us action-orientated achievers.) As you feel the energy for something new emerging, resist the temptation to act on it all at once and blow all your new energy too soon. Buds and bulbs don’t just suddenly explode into full bloom at the first sign of spring but gradually evolve day after day. Reserve that energy for the full expression of summer. For now what you need to do is…

Step 4 Nurture it!- We live in a culture that encourages us to strive for perfection, requires instantaneous expertise. As soon as we’ve had an idea we need to show the plan, the business case, prove that it will be a success or that we can deliver results. What will it take to create a safe space for the new to grow? How can you protect the vulnerability and innocence of the new? Can you let go of your attachment to outcomes or fears of consequence? Can you bring a beginner’s mind, stay open and curious towards it?

Step 5 Experiment & play with it!- What could you do to experiment with the new? Can you be playful with it? Take a risk. If you let go of getting it right what would you do? Remember a bulb doesn’t grow only if it will grow into a perfect flower… it just gets on with it. If you brought the spirit of play to this what would be different?

Step 6 Spring Clean around it!-What do you need to let go of that’s no longer needed or that stands in the way of the new?

Want to explore this further?

Contact me about the following coaching options. I am offering 25% discount for bookings before the 20th March (Spring equinox). celine@dowhatmatters.co.uk

IMG_4602A ‘Spring Creations’ one-to-one coaching session– This is a 90 minute coaching session for you to explore and create the new that you want to bring into your life this spring. Make the most of the new possibilities that come with this new season. Don’t let your everyday busy-ness and auto-pilot over-ride your natural energy and make you miss the opportunity!

Four-Seasons coaching package.Based on nature’s template for the creative process, this package offers 4 one-to-one 90 minute coaching sessions at key points throughout the year. If we can tune into the natural cycles of nature more often, it’s like having an in-built creativity coach that will help us access our inspiration, nurture our creativity and hear our own wisdom. Learn to use nature as your coach.

  • Spring Creations- Working with renewal of energy and enthusiasm to make way for new beginnings, ideas and creativity.
  • Summer Expressions –Take a pause to decide what matters most to you right now? What will deserve full expression of your potential? Bring your full mastery & highest energy to it.
  • Autumn Reflections –Time to acknowledge your achievements and reflect on what’s not serving you anymore. Finding ways to ‘say no’, end things or allow them to fall away.
  • Winter Reconnections –Time to reconnect with self and loved ones. Creating space for and building your capacity for stillness and presence (especially in the frenetic build-up and during end of year activity and festivities).

For those of you living in the southern hemisphere, reverse offer available! I’m also curious to hear from you about how the changing cycle of nature around you impact your life and work.

This blog is one of my own ‘spring creations’ and is inspired by the work of A. Pope and S. Hugo Wurlitzer authors of Wild Power. If we can tune into the natural cycles of nature more, it’s like having an in-built creativity coach that will help us access our inspiration, nurture our creativity and hear our own wisdom.



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