Workshop Series

cropped-hut-change-pic-2.jpgAbout the Workshop Series

This 8 week programme provides structured time-out to reflect, explore and plan in a professional, supportive workshop environment with a qualified and experienced life coach. You will participate in 6 workshops and carry out guided learning and exercises. The workshops will be run either face to face in London or Brighton or in virtual groups to be agreed in advance with participants.

Who is it for? 

Adults of any age who want a lifestyle change of any kind. Perhaps you want a career change or are seeking new direction following parenthood, redundancy, relationship-end or retirement. It’s about finding your life’s work and reassessing what is important for you.

Time commitment and dates

  • Personal exercises before the programme and between workshops (approx 2 hours per week).
  • Kick-off workshop 10.00 – 17.00
  • Four half day workshops 10.00 – 12.30
  • One-to-one personal coaching session (in person or via Skype.)
  • Final planning workshop 10.00 – 17.00

Come away with

  • What really matters to you and what makes you happy.
  • Discover your unique point of impact on people and planet.
  • A long term vision for your life with a ‘personal roadmap’ to keep you on track.
  • A three-month action plan from guided practical research based on a lifestyle reality check.
  • New life skills you will have practised throughout the programme e.g. resilience through change, decision-making and recognising intuition.

Why this programme and style of learning?

  • Career and life coaching is solutions focussed and a great way to invest in your own future
  • 100% dedicated to your success, completely independent with no stake in your choices.
  • A unique blend of learning processes that support different learning styles (thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuition) to bring out your potential and build new personal practices going forward.  Mindfulness practices, feedback, practical research, reflection, creative and experiential exercises.
  • Group learning is an important part of this programme.  Working with others will give you ideas and inspiration, challenge and motivation. It holds up a mirror for you to see your strengths and blind-spots. You will gain from the shared experience of going through the process together and benefit from a free support network. Group learning brings collective intelligence greater than the sum of its parts.  NB: Coaching is not: Group therapy, a self-help group or counselling.

To request a more detailed programme outline or to book please get in touch.